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            Innovative Learning, Inc., is a cutting edge, creative and arts infused out-of-school time provider located in Charlotte, NC. We are able to provide programming in a physical location as well as in a virtual learning environment. We have served elementary and middle school students for over 20 years and we continue to provide quality out of school time programming that uses a STEAM approach to our programming model. 

            Innovative Learning, Inc. has had a consistent reputation for welcoming students who are normally looked over and left out. Recent research in the US, published by the Journal of Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, found that students who were exposed to the Arts in middle school "had significantly higher GPAs, higher math and reading scores and decreased odds of school suspension, compared to students not exposed to the Arts". We have developed solutions for using the Arts to help students master learning objectives and increase grade content understanding. We call this approach a STEAM approach because the Arts are the centerpiece for all components of the STEM strategies that are incorporated into each Arts Discipline.

            Founder and Director, Belinda Colter says, "I was able to use the Arts in my own life to help me achieve wonderful grades, critical thinking skills and discipline that have afforded me great success in life. This is the holistic approach used by Innovative Learning Master Instructors. As such, Innovative Learning aspires to become the premier out of school program provider that will produce globally competitive scholars who will make a tremendous impact on the world. 

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Academic Support

Kindergarten-10th Grade

Results Based

Teaching Strategies

Project Based Learning

Real World Application

Cooperative Learning

Work-Based Learning

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"Staff is doing a phenomenal job adjusting to the current crisis and keeping students engaged. This program has been a valuable asset to my child’s learning."

- Parent


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