Registration is paid per child at the start of each program that you enroll your child in. All new enrollments must pay a $30 registration fee to secure a spot in our programs. Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.


Program Fees:

The program fee can be paid monthly in ADVANCE of service rendered. Payments received after the current Sunday will incur a late charge of $10 that should be added to the next program fee. Fees that are unpaid on Friday of the payment week may result in the removal of the child(ren) from enrollment.


Method of Payment:

Our method of payment is via our online payment portal: We will issue an invoice via your email that recurs as scheduled by the Finance Department. There is a small processing fee added to your payment. You are able to save your credit/debit card for easy processing. Parents are asked NOT to manually change any invoice amounts in the Wave Apps portal. If you are having difficulty using the online portal, please contact us at 704-750-5930.



The program fee is due even if you child is absent for any reason.



If you need to withdraw your child(ren) from our program for any reason, you will need to allow a two-week notice. Fees will continue to accrue for two weeks after notification of intent to withdraw. Emergency cases will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Please call the Area Coordinator for emergency cases.


Tax Notification:

All parents who participate in our programs will receive a tax report of all fees paid to Innovative Learning, excluding late fees, NSF fees, etc. All tax reports will be sent to your e-mail by January 15th of the next year. If your account is in arrears or still holds a balance, your tax notification will be held until your account is cleared.